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Dec 23, 2012 8:00am PST
officials have promised to consider the death penalty. the government says its also taking steps to better ensure the safety of women. such actions have stopped the protesting against the protesting. >> coming up on kron 4 news weekend. more rain in the bay area today. there are some troubling issues s f o is reporting delays of 1 hour 37, oakland, or in san jose are not reporting delays however. >> take a look offsite at this live look at the bay bridge. look-out a side. >> good morning, janu has our forecast. >> good morning, marty. we have seen some areas of light rain of/moderate in the some areas however seeing some clear conditions. however, not the case along the peninsula and san francisco. three tents in the richmond area, pacifica, one-quarter of 1 in. per hour. towards the south bay the light rain indicated by the green. and los gatos a system expected. he bit heavier in places like walnut creek, danville and san ramon. the rainfall rates one-half inch per hour. there is a wind advisory for the north bay until 1:00 p.m. and the east bay valleys. that will be in effect. indicated
Dec 22, 2012 7:00am PST
the government from car ring off the fiscal cliff. the plan includes extending tax cut for most americans and taken steps to avoid a papal set of agency budget cuts. >> the president suggested that any chance for a smaller deal may rest in the senate. particulary after the collapse of a plan by house speaker john boehner to allow tax rates to rise for wealthy americans. >> coming up on kron 4 news weekend. an appeals court makes a ruling on a state law which bans their peak aimed at turning gay minors straight. we will have more details. here is a live look outside at mt. tam. we will be right back. >> it is back at 8:09 a.m.. we are keeping an eye on the weather this morning. 50 at ski run over to the sierra. it is expected to be cloudy today with scattered snow showers and very high wind gusts. high temperatures are only going to be in the '20s. they are expecting plenty of snow. anywhere from 1 to 5 ft.. chains are also required on most of the highway is going up. >> parts of the midwest are still dealing with a blizzard conditions this weekend. if this is video out of westwood, ohio o
Dec 29, 2012 7:00am PST
to others across the country. in france. the government has thrown out a plan to tax the country's ultra-rich at a 75 percent rate. the tax was one of the president's campaign promises. however, a consititutional council says the amount was excessive. some felt that the tax would not solve the country's fiscal problems. and would only push wealthy people out of the country. france's most famous actor, gerard dep-ard-doo, recently moved to belgium to avoid taxes. meanwhile, unemployment in france rose in november for the 19th straight month. coming up on kron 4 news weekend, ??is "mcdreamy" trading in his scalpel for a coffee apron? we'll be checking out all things hollywood with all today's entertainment news in just a few minutes. music) >> from billie holiday. open >> she is so good she is going be playing at the new year's eve at the razz room >> it is great to have you. and i love hearing your music you can do all types of great sounds. can you tell me who inspired you? >> i started loving the little rascals and i also loved darla. [laughter] . i thought that you were going to say th
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3